What kind of experience do you create?

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What kind of experience do you create?

As a service industry business, every salon has given thought to how they want to show up for their clients. You consider how your space looks, feels, and smells. You consider how the receptionist answers the phone and how the client is greeted when they walk in the door. 

Salons are experts at building out consultation wheels that engage and delight their clients, so they can set themselves apart.

All of these efforts are done to ensure clients know you are the best place for them to get their hair done. 

As leaders, you should also be considering “your client”, the employee. 

  • How are you setting yourself apart as the best place to work? 
  • What experience are you creating for your salon team? 

An employee experience has many layers and they are created by the leader. 

A great activity is to consider the phases of your team’s career journey within your salon: the onboarding experience, the first-year experience, the 5-year celebration, etc. 

Once you have the buckets created then ask yourself what you are doing at each layer of their experience to ensure it’s building connection and loyalty. 

Or you might consider it at a more granular level. 

What is their morning experience at the salon? Their client experiences. Their monthly experience? 

How do you show them you appreciate them and the wins they are having? 

Experiences matter. Take the time to consider what yours looks and feels like. This will take your leading to a whole new level.

A favorite book of mine that helps you with the idea of creating great experiences is Unreasonable Hospitality by Will Guidara. He has a Ted talk here too. 

You will be able to use what you learn about experiences for your team experience and your client experience! 

Happy Recruiting!

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