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Guiding Your Business to Growth in 2023 & Beyond


What are the top things that you
[the self-employed staff member]
need and want?need and want?

The Dream Team Blueprint: Stefanie Fox Shares Salon Recruiting Secrets


Effective salon recruitment strategies don’t look the way they used to — here’s what salon owners need to know about attracting top talent in 2022.

ICA Podcast 9 – Stefanie Fox Jackson


Stefanie Fox and ICA President Sheila Zaricor-Wilson talk recruitment and how to connect with the new generation of stylists.

Pouring into Your People, with Stefanie

Beyond the Technique

As salon leaders, how do we pour into our team so they feel supported AND they are held to standards of success?

The 2022 Beauty Industry Hiring Guide

Beauty Launchpad

Recruiting and retaining salon talent can be a full-time job in and of itself; however, knowing your employees’ career goals and ambitions right off the bat can help you build a lasting team.

Alumni Story - Stefanie Fox

Aveda Institutes

Learn about my journey from Aveda Alum -> Owner & Founder of Canvas Salon & Skin Bar!

How to Give Yourself a Recruiment Self-Audit


Tapping into the minds of the next wave of beauty industry talent through her 2021 State of the Industry Hiring Guide, Stefanie Fox shows you how your salon or spa can meet the needs, desires and dreams of today’s job candidates.

Ready to Reopen?

Beyond the Technique

We dive into financials, leadership, culture, operations, and your guests’ experience. You will be empowered to take initiative for your salon business, which is needed now more than ever.

Stefanie Fox On Leadership & What Staff Want From Their Salon

Phorest FM

When running a business, the need to drive both performance and business often comes with thinking that dangling a carrot or motivating somebody to do something is the way we’re going to get there fastest. 

Building a Team

Beyond the Technique

Top Takeaways to learn in this episode:

1. How continuing education with a company shapes a career

2. Use the Data to correct a problem

3. How to identify your dream team

4. Learn what stylist want the most in a salon

Millennials and Salon Compensation & Benefits

Phorest FM

I join Killian and Zoé on Phorest FM to further the discussion around understanding what today’s young stylists are looking for when searching for and deciding to stay with a salon. Put more simply, what are Millennials looking for in their work?

Episode 113 - Solving Recruitment Challenges for your Salon

Grow My Salon Business

Why you can’t solve today’s recruitment challenges with yesterday’s solutions.

I talk to salon owners in multiple countries every week, and no matter where they are in the world, they all have lots in common.

Tax credit could save industry of women-owned businesses

The Columbus Dispatch

We are watching the collapse of the beauty industry. Between February and April 2020, the number of jobs at employment-based salons dropped by 84%, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Strategies for Leading Your Team in 2021

Salon Today

The Coronavirus global pandemic has created an incredible disruption for the beauty industry.

For many salon owners, their staff has been one of the major disruption points. Salons have lost staff and gained staff over 10 months.

A Changing Workforce

Stefanie Fox Consulting

How to recruit, grow & retain the best talent for your business.

Recruiting Talent Into Your Salon!

Huddle Time

Frank Fulco of America’s Beauty Show interviews our lovely guest, Stefanie Fox of Talent Match, to discover the ins and outs on Recruiting Talent Into Your Salon.

Managing Millenials: How to Decode the "Me Generation"

Aveda Means Business

A Millennial herself, Fox also holds degrees in marketing, psychology and an MBA. Because of her research and personal experiences, she believes the solution to growth and harmony in the salon lies in leaders understanding the next generation and becoming great coaches to them.

Diving Into Metrics

Modern Salon

As the first salon event to return live after the pandemic, Data-Driven Salon Summit was much of a reunion for salon owners as it was an exploration of growth opportunities. we discuss what graduating cosmetology students look for in their first job.

How to Use Instagram to Recruit Top Talent

Modern Salon

If you’re not on Instagram marketing your business to potential employees, you’re missing out.

What The Statistics Say About Your Leadership

Next Level Salon Leadership

In this episode, we dove deep into stat findings and how to be both a friend and a boss!

Recruiting Top Talent and Retaining Them

Salon Today

Laura Ortmann, Jen Baudier, Chris Sulimay and Stefanie Fox Jackson–share the recruitment strategies for attracting the top talent in town and their retention ideas for designing a culture so strong they never want to leave. 

Your Dream Team - How to Attract Stylists


A podcast for the beauty industry, hairstylists and salon/spa owners.

Find Talent That Fits Your Culture - Talent Match

Go Solo

Growing a business that serves the salon industry by building a bridge between leadership and their team.

Data-Driven Salon Summit Tackles Challenges and Explores Opportunities

Salon Today

Using current real-time data allows salon owners to build, or rebuild their success in the challenging times facing those in the beauty business.