The 2 Realities of Salon Growth

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The 2 Realities of Salon Growth

I know I sit outside the norm but I love big disruptive events. No, I’m not crazy, but I am curious. When things change in a big way my mind goes immediately to asking questions. It’s how I landed in talent recruiting for salons. 

A big disruption in the salon world has been staffing.

But when we look one more layer down the disruption is really around how we grow. Most salons I know are still relying on the growth strategies of yesteryear. 

Old school growth practices were focused 99% on coaching and growing the existing team and 1% on adding staff.

For many salons, it was easy to take their foot off the gas pedal of hiring because coaching and growing existing team members took so much time.

However, the moment a stylist leaves or you realize productivity is so high you’re turning away guests, you scramble to hire. The scramble often means it becomes all-consuming and takes time and focuses away from the existing team.  

It shouldn’t look like this. Growth should be planned and strategic. Meaning you should know how you are going to achieve it and you should feel prepared for it.

Salon growth is a BLEND of focusing on the existing team and hiring new team members. 

The #1 way to drive a salon’s revenue is to hire. The number one way to hurt a salon’s revenue is to lose a team member. These two realities must be balanced. 

My favorite line in beauty is team building and we have kicked off our Salon Recruiting Bootcamps to help salons that want to get serious about growth.

We only take 20 salons a quarter and the next opportunity is in July.

If you want to know when we start consultations to discuss the July Cohorts drop your name here so we can follow up.



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