I'm Stefanie.

I’ve spent 20 years in the beauty industry and every year I find myself more obsessed with asking big questions and pushing the boundaries of possibilities to find solutions.

Lucky for me- I get to work in beauty at a time where the salon world is littered with disruption- aka lots of problems to solve. Technology is rapidly changing how we interact with our beauty teams and consumers, and how we execute day-to-day business functions. 

The salon business model has seen multiple evolutions and branch-offs. The talent we employ as hairdressers, front desk concierge, salon managers, and any other beauty professional has an expectation of more work/life balance and much more say in exactly how that looks.  And one of the biggest changes we have faced is how much our salon consumer has changed. Nothing stays the same. And I love that. 

I’ve always been called an old soul.

I find I have an intuition that is stronger than most people and I am guided by a true desire to do the right thing.

Professionally, the right thing is putting my energy, heart, and mind towards ensuring everyone in this world of beauty gets a win – doing work they love. A win, despite and around all of, the disruption we face that can often leave our hearts and heads feeling battered.

I do this work through an abundance of research, time investment, and question-asking. I’m a self-proclaimed data nerd who likes to use facts and feelings to find the best solutions.


I love the beauty industry. I’m here to serve by helping you ask big questions and lean in. 

My love language is great coffee. I’ll take a cappuccino or an iced American. And Quality time. 

I’m an enneagram 3 with a 2 wing. They call this the enchanter which is described as “ambitious, charming, and enthusiastic.” (don’t you love personally assessments that get it right!)

years in the
beauty industry

I have a few labels in my life - some self-given and others I’ve been gifted.


Data Nerd


*Also said like this - you are like a freight train, you’re a big bite to chew, you’re intense” I wear these labels proudly 



Coffee Snob


Great Listener

I believe that our strengths are always going to be things people push up against and feel uncomfortable with - and that we should just lean in harder to them.